The Amazing Spider-Man 2 video game launch traile…

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 video game launch traile…:



The Truth about 1969:

Green Arrow’s look did change but he didn’t team up with Green Lantern here, he teamed up with Batman. It would be the next year that they two Green heroes would partner up.

Now for 2 Truths/1 Lie. The Year is 1970:

  • The Flash was hypnotized into believing Dr. Lu, a foreign spy, was Iris and he was picking up a can of hairspray, instead of assassinating the President with a laser gun.
  • DC published Hot Wheels based on the toy cars however it only lasted 6 issues. 
  • The Teen Titans teamed up with Darkseid in his introduction to the DC Universe to take down planet earth.


The Truth about 1961:

Betty Kane wasn’t Cat-Girl. She was always Bat-Girl. In her first adventure, she helped Batman, Robin, and Batwoman take down King Cobra and the Cobra Gang.

Now For 2 Truths and A Lie. The Year in 1962:

  • Green Arrow joined the JLA and the five members of the team shared with him and Snapper Carr their origin, which included the aliens from the planet Appellax.
  • Aquaman finally owned his own title after appearing more than 20 years earlier. In his first title Aquaman and Aqualad fought against Fire-Trolls who came from an underwater volcanic eruption. The duo defeated them by freezing and shrinking them with the help of Superman and the Atom.
  • Green Lantern had his first taste of the sapphire light of love when he first squared away against Star Sapphire. The Zamarons chose Carol Farris as their queen because she looked like their past ruler and was charged to prove herself against Green Lantern. When Carol lost the Zamarons took away her powers and her memories of them.


The Truth about 1956:

Barry Allen was introduced in Showcase #4 but what I wrote was how they introduced Barry in the TV show Arrow.

Now for Two Truths and A Lie. The year is 1957:

  • Superman 113 was a novelty because most comics in the 1950’s contained several stories. This book told one story (in 3-parts) where Superman found “mind tapes” and watched Jor-El stop the Queen of Vergo’s plan to steal from Krypton’s unstable core before Krypton self destructed. Superman then helped the Queen in the end since his father couldn’t.
  • Leonard Snart went to prison and made a gun and then Biff Bam Poof became Captain Cold and that all happened in Showcase #8.
  • Showcase #9 a little known villain named Fancy Greystart appeared. She was a tall amazon-like woman who could take care of herself. She hailed from Venus and came to Earth in search of a man to marry (which was pretty common motive of comic book women in the 1950’s). Each time she found a suitable suitor she would try to kidnap them and take them back to Venus but a hero would step in the way saving the man in distress. Even though DC never published another Fancy story after this one it was the first time a story centered around villain instead of a hero.


The Truth about 1953:

It wasn’t Wonder Woman’s goodbye, it was Captain Marvel’s as Fawcett’s Comic division closed down. The story was called “Captain Marvel’s Wedding” in which a witchy Theo Hagge almost traps the World’s Mightiest Mortal into marrying her.

Time for Two Truths and A Lie. This year is 1954:

  • Fredric Wertham’s book, Seduction of the Innocent, caused a stir which resulted in the Comics Code Authority, which began to regulate the content of comics.
  • For the first time Superman and Batman worked together in World’s Finest #71. The pair had been seen together on comic covers prior but this was the first time they worked together inside the comics.
  • Jimmy Olsen’s own comic book started this year and ran for 163 issues. His first story saw him disguise himself to take down the gang of Deuce Dorgan. This book showed that Jimmy was quite the hero himself as he didn’t need Superman’s help.


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