The Truth about 1961:

Betty Kane wasn’t Cat-Girl. She was always Bat-Girl. In her first adventure, she helped Batman, Robin, and Batwoman take down King Cobra and the Cobra Gang.

Now For 2 Truths and A Lie. The Year in 1962:

  • Green Arrow joined the JLA and the five members of the team shared with him and Snapper Carr their origin, which included the aliens from the planet Appellax.
  • Aquaman finally owned his own title after appearing more than 20 years earlier. In his first title Aquaman and Aqualad fought against Fire-Trolls who came from an underwater volcanic eruption. The duo defeated them by freezing and shrinking them with the help of Superman and the Atom.
  • Green Lantern had his first taste of the sapphire light of love when he first squared away against Star Sapphire. The Zamarons chose Carol Farris as their queen because she looked like their past ruler and was charged to prove herself against Green Lantern. When Carol lost the Zamarons took away her powers and her memories of them.

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