Karoshi    |

“To mark the Brazil 2014 World Cup we created a limited edition wall chart and accompanying website. Each B2 poster is screen printed in silver onto Ebony Colorplan and is supplied with a metallic pen, allowing fans to record the results. Our responsive website, which allows users to customize the site in their team colors and to reflect their time zone, also features a downloadable fixture list and will be updated with results as the tournament progresses.”

A London based multi-disciplinary design consultancy, they address every type of brand challenge imaginable. They create, evolve, implement and nurture. Founded in 2006, Karoshi remains true to their original objective – a creative approach that seeks tangible and meaningful difference, not just superficial impact and noise. They bring the right skills to each challenge but always ensure firm foundations of clear thinking and a watertight rationale. It’s an approach that builds meaningful difference.

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