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“ was a school project that spawned out of a challenge to create an identity for a new social network. Rather than make another Facebook I thought it would be interesting to brand a modern esoteric society for thieves. I decided to call my social network as a play on anonymous. Since it was a network for thieves I combined the letter A with a ski mask to create the logo. To keep inline with the theme of anonymity and thievery I contained the information on the business card within a safe dial, turned the letterhead into a modern treasure map, made the envelopes security deposit bags, and the style guide a blueprint.”

Justin Ross Tolentino (Juroto for short) loves making things! Logos, websites, doodles, noise, food, moves, jokes – doesn’t matter what it is really, because if there’s one thing he specializes in it’s turning ideas into reality. Kind of like a wizard except without the beard, robe, hat, and magic wand. Okay, perhaps a wizard was a bad analogy. Although it would be awesome if he could just wave his hands about and have pencils drawing by themselves, dancing to the beat of keyboards typing code, while he sats in his castle, sipping on some coffee from a dragon’s tooth goblet, coming up with ideas, but that’s a bit of a fantasy. For now, he does all the hard work himself from a quaint duplex somewhere in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

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