There are some things that fall out categorically because of circumstance; but that aside most things break down into these three skills.


If you want to do something- say get better at a specific discipline.. or even start to exercise more; analyzation is the first step. You need to be able to break down your learning and make educated choices that move you towards your goal. It is important to deduce that goal as well and situate yourself in a position where you are informed about what the appropriate first steps should be. Then when you are in the thick of it- it will be important to reevaluate and make sure you are on track. In addition, this will carry over to learning whatever it is you set out to learn. You will need to be able to break down how things are done and take things in small dose- allowing yourself to capably digest the knowledge.


The sheer amount of memorization is what will determine ability. The more that has been ingrained specifically and instinctively is what will propel you to a more honed skill set. The more you know; the more mistakes you will see- the better choices you will be able to make. Making decisions out of ignorance is a gamble and the goal is to take the guess work out of it; and having that information readily accessible within your mind is key to mastery.


To me this is what sets individuals apart. When a small amount of interest is placed on something- or an allocated portion of attention: that thing ends more in the realm of a hobby. There is nothing wrong with this; but to accelerate a skill set consistently there has to be a dedication to analyzing and memorizing rigorously and to not give up when things are not going smoothly. You have to be able to look past those around you who are seemingly getting much faster and focus on your own ability. Having dedication and discipline aids in keeping your character in check and preventing ego and insecurity from running wild.

These are what I believe to be the key skills to learning. However I’m not one to say that your work should consume you. Balance is important and that should be dedicated discipline that is also attended to.

Study persistently. Remember much. Loyally persevere.

Can’t wait to see what you do.



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