The Truth about 1962:

It wasn’t Superman nor the Atom that helped Aquaman. It was a water sprite named Quisp who helped with the shrinking and flying fish that helped with the freezing.

Now for this week’s Two Truths and a Lie. The year is 1963:

  • The JLA meet the JSA for the first time. It was the first “Crisis” crossover. The villains of both worlds switched identities and Earths to over come the Heroes but didn’t realize they’d be defeated when the Heroes teamed up.
  • Kid Flash got a new costume. It was yellow top with a red bottom and made him instantly more recognizable and distinguishable from his mentor.
  • After becoming a smash in the UK and the US, DC published Doctor No based on the Ian Flemming novel. It was published it under the Showcase title.

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